What to Buy Before Baby’s Disney tripĀ 

As I said in an earlier post, I researched as much as I could for things to buy before our Disney World vacation with our 18 month old. I am all about ease and convenience especially when it comes to a baby! Plus, all these things are cheaper to buy at home as opposed to buying them at Disney World. All of these things were extremely helpful for my family so I had to share in hopes of making your vacation even better!

Sunscreen- No matter what time of year you go to Florida, you’ll want to bring this! Not just for the baby but for you as well.

Stroller clip on fan- This was essential even in February. The soft foam blades were great because our daughter kept playing with it as it moved.

we used this one and it worked great!

Mom stroller clip- This is my absolute favorite thing! I use it at home while shopping too!! We had so many things hanging from here it was crazy! We hung our baby’s snack container, resort mugs, bags. You name it. We loved the convenience of them being right there when we needed it. Tip : You can purchase a Refillable Popcorn bucket at one of the Theme parks for around $10 and refill it the rest of your vacation for $1.50 at any of parks (as of March 2017.) They have a nice handle that fit right onto the mom hook!

We used The Mommy Hook
But… Now Toys R Us has this!!! How cute is this Mickey shaped stroller hook!!?? Perfect for Disney!

You can’t see it real well but there are 2 Snack cups and a popcorn bucket hanging

Baby Snack Container- If you’re a parent you probably already know how awesome these are. No mess and these hang from the mom hook perfectly! We brought extra along so she had a little variety.

Disposable table mats- These were great while eating out. It gave me a piece of mind for her to eat off the mat instead of directly off the table.

we used these Mickey ones

Take n Toss cups- These were great because they were easily stackable for packing and easy to wash in the room. You can get these anywhere and they are inexpensive.

Disposable Bibs- These are great for on the go. This way you won’t have to carry around soiled bibs in the parks.

we used these

Dresses- If you have a little girl who loves princesses (or if you love princesses and want to see your baby dressed like one..) getting the dresses ahead of time is a money saver. You can find them on sale online and pretty much cheaper anywhere other than at Disney. This includes buying and packing accessories too; hair bows, shoes, crown, jewelry.

Zip loc bags- I had so many outfits planned so I put them in the bags according to the date and it made packing a breeze. They were also helpful in my backpack for dirty clothes or keeping things from getting wet.

Stroller rain cover- Florida is known for its rain showers so I wanted to be prepared for that.

we bought this one

Bubbles- Let’s face it. You’ll probably end up buying one of these bubble machines. Lucky for me, a friend of mine had just got back and warned me of this and suggested bringing extra bubbles. My daughter had this Little Mermaid bubble maker going all the time!! It only comes with so much so it was nice to have extra right there.

Baby leash (just in case!!)- Please don’t judge me for this one. I wasn’t sure how she would do with all the things to see and was afraid she would try to run off. This seemed like the best one since we would both wear the bracelets. Luckily, I didn’t have to break these out but had it just in case!

we got this one

Snacks- The baby pouches are perfect for having to feed your baby in a pinch. A great thing to have to avoid a meltdown!

Sanitizer/Wipes- Whether your child is in diapers or not, wipes are a must. Between touching every germy thing or eating sticky cotton candy you are going to need these. Hand Sanitizer is perfect for the adults!

Backpack- You’re going to need something to haul all this around in. Something with lots of compartments is ideal.

We used this one and it worked great!

Also: Swim Diapers, travel size laundry detergent, tide on the go sticks, band-aids, and a Sharpie for autographs!!

I still look for things to bring on our next trip regardless of how many times I’ve been to Disney. I hope this list helps you in preparing for your Disney vacation with a little one. If you have any to add, please comment below!